Time:  Apr 27, 2023
Location:  12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Location:  Virtual

From international climate change activism to engagement with hyperlocal issues, youth have tapped into the networking power of social media and other online spaces to build communities, inform themselves, and engage in social and cultural change.  How is digital media providing unique ways for youth to advocate for more positive outcomes for themselves and their peers?  How does the intersection of race, gender, class, and age affect what online leadership and engagement looks like for different youth subpopulations? What can caregivers, educators, and communities do to embrace and safely encourage children’s desire to get involved in social movements for positive change online?

Children and Screens’ #AskTheExperts webinar “Engaged for Change: Youth, Digital Spaces, and Social Movements” was held on Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 12pm via Zoom.  A panel featuring a leading youth digital advocate and experts in adolescent development, education, and social welfare examined the development of civic engagement in young people, provided examples of online youth leadership and community, reviewed challenges and risks youth may encounter, and discussed factors that enhance positive use of digital spaces.


  • Dana R. Fisher, PhD

    Professor of Sociology; President University of Maryland; Eastern Sociological Society
  • Maru Gonzalez, EdD

    Assistant Professor; Youth Development Specialist Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences; North Carolina State University
  • Tiera Tanksley, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Race, Technology & Education University of Colorado Boulder
  • Shakuntala Banaji, PhD

    Professor of Media, Culture and Social Change; Programme Director, MSc Media, Communication and Development; Department of Media and Communication, London School of Economics
  • Laura Wray-Lake, PhD

    Professor of Social Welfare Luskin School of Public Affairs, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Emma Lembke

    Founder and Executive Director LOG OFF Movement

Video and Resources

Watch a recording of the webinar "Engaged for Change: Youth, Digital Spaces, and Social Movements," read the transcript, and view other related content in Learn and Explore.