Children and Screens’ flagship Webby-nominated #AskTheExperts webinar series brings together interdisciplinary panels of experts across the fields of education, public health, child development, psychology, psychiatry, advocacy and more to address pressing issues on digital media’s impacts on child development. The goal of this signature series is to share insights from scientific research and clinical practice, foster collaborative conversation, exchange ideas, and provide free resources to promote children’s health for parents, caregivers, educators, and others. Webinars are free to attend and available for viewing in the Learn and Explore section of this website as well as on the Children and Screens YouTube Channel.

Ask the Experts—Webinar

Early Childhood Mental Health and Digital Media

How does digital media use affect early child development and mental health? How should care providers approach technology use in order to protect and promote mental health in young children (ages 0-5)?

Mental Health