The Institute monitors existing and developing policies that advance safety and child-centered design features, both nationally and at the state level, and will build on research results to guide priorities for policy and legislative changes. Children and Screens is committed to bridging the divide between experts and legislators, policymakers, advocates, and litigators, regardless of party affiliation, to support evidence-based solutions.

There are many policies either being considered or passed into law that address the overall use and impact of digital media. The crafting of effective legislation, passing of legislation, and the defense of it in courts is enhanced when rooted in evidence. Children and Screens, as a 501-c-3 organization, cannot lobby directly, but it can and does work to ensure that legislators, policymakers, advocates, and litigators are well informed about the research findings, public health implications and potential harms to children and communities.

Children and Screens serves as a resource for those working to create a safe online environment for children. Guided by a commitment to quality research, the Institute provides evidence-based informational and educational resources to policymakers and advocates. Involvement with agencies such as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and NIH (National Institutes of Health), and relationships with legislators, allows the Institute to educate and inform leaders as they consider the increasing role of media in children’s lives and the need for more focused and in-depth research.