Time:  Feb 06, 2024
Location:  12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Location:  Virtual

What are the unique risks and opportunities for neurodivergent youth when introducing and monitoring the use of digital media? What should parents and caregivers know to promote safety, accommodate sensory processing differences, and minimize parent-child conflict? How can new technologies be designed to better accommodate neurodiversity among kids?

Children and Screens held its first #AskTheExperts webinar of 2024, “Nurturing the Neurodivergent: Unique Considerations for Youth Screen Use,” on Tuesday, February 6 at 12pm ET on Zoom. A panel of leading researchers and technologists shared the latest academic findings as well as personal lived experience with neurodivergence to provide tips and recommendations for parents and caregivers in navigating and guiding the digital experiences of neurodivergent youth.


  • Meryl Alper, PhD

    Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Northeastern University
  • Abigail Phillips, MLIS, SLIS, PhD

    Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Annuska Zolyomi, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Computing and Software Systems, University of Washington Bothell
  • Kristen Harrison, PhD

    Richard Cole Eminent Professor, Hussman School of Journalism and Media, University of North Carolina
  • LaChan Hannon, PhD

    Director of Teacher Preparation and Innovation, Department of Urban Education, Rutgers University Newark; Co-founder, Greater Expectations Teaching and Advocacy Center Inc

Video and Resources

Watch a recording of the webinar "Nurturing the Neurodivergent: Unique Considerations for Youth Screen Use," read the transcript, and view other related content in Learn and Explore.