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    Teens, Social Media and Technology 2023

  • Ask the Experts—Webinars

    Beyond Borders: Global Perspectives on Digital Media and Children

    How are children in different cultures and countries using digital media for social connection and education? Experts weigh in on youth media habits, research, policies and parenting perspectives from around the world.

  • Ask the Experts—Webinars

    School for Thought: EdTech and Virtual Learning – What Now?

    What is the growing role and impact of educational technology and virtual learning in schools, homes and families? What are the implications for teaching, learning, and children's data privacy?

  • Ask the Experts—Webinars

    Digitally Disconnected: Understanding the Digital Divide During COVID-19

    How have children and families without reliable access to the internet and/or other resources handled the transition to online school, homework, socializing, extracurriculars, and the needs of daily life?

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    Digitally Disconnected

    Thirteen Tips for Helping Bridge the Digital Divide for Children During Covid-19

  • Scholarly Articles

    Global Perspectives on Children’s Digital Opportunities

    An Emerging Research and Policy Agenda