Richard Guerry (Founder and Executive Director, Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication), explains how social media algorithms work to deliver controversial content that leads to “echo chambers” at the #AskTheExperts webinar “PITR, IKR?: Youth and Communication in the Digital Age” on October 19, 2022.

[Richard Guerry]: What happens in social media when you see something that’s funny or heartwarming, you’re raising money. People like it, move on. They like it and they move on. That’s what we do at the warm and the fuzzy. But as we all know, watching this, there’s an old saying, right? “If it bleeds, it leads.” So you start throwing things and an algorithm is collecting your data. Then that AI algorithm throws things that are controversial at you. You are going to start getting engaged and then they start throwing it at other people. And what happens to those people? They go into a rabbit hole, and that rabbit hole becomes an echo chamber. And the longer they’re in that echo chamber getting mad or upset or, you know, whatever, however it is they’re feeling, that’s being done purposely by AI. Why? Because every page view and every moment you are on that algorithm, on that platform, you’re generating revenue for that company.

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