Valerie Adams-Bass, PhD (Assistant Professor of Education, University of Virginia), provides ways parents can develop inclusivity and racial justice awareness in their families at #AskTheExperts webinar “Parenting Just Children: A How-To Conversation about Race, Social Justice Activism, and The Media” on September 16, 2020.

[Dr. Valerie Adams-Bass]: As parents, your role is to look for those books, look for those storylines that are more inclusive, including storylines and movies that are for an older or mature audience, and then to watch with your children and have discussions with your children about that. When you’re going to museums, are you also paying attention to the art by non-white artists. Are you having conversations about the historical contributions. Not just the things that are absent from the history books, but being additive in those conversations, additive in what’s happening in your home.

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Ask the Experts—Webinar

Parenting Just Children: A How-To Conversation About Race, Social Justice Activism, and The Media

How can families, educators and clinicians talk with children, students, and patients about race and ways that families can help create a more socially just society?

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