Afua Bruce (Technology and Public Purpose Fellow, Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School) discusses the importance of encouraging youth to promote technology use for the public interest at #AskTheExperts webinar “Beyond Clicks and Comments: A Broad View of Technology’s Impacts on Our Society” on January 26, 2022.

[Afua Bruce]: The media, too, has a piece to play here. What types of stories do we tell about the agency children have to make a difference today? Or even how they should consider engaging with technology. Do we emphasize the destructive aspects of social media, or do we provide inspiration for problem solving? Children have an ability to combine tech and the public interest today. Public interest technologists have a space in every sector because the products we use every day, products that dictate how we interact with the world are in the public interest. The combination of skills that public interest technologies bring, including empathy and long term perspective taking, evaluation of tradeoffs with an ethical and legal framework and consideration of societal implications are available to children today. We must help children see and believe that they are critical to having technologies that recognize everyone, regardless of skin tone, and disseminate true and accurate information. I think this is possible, and I’m really excited to see ways that we continue to encourage children to really engage with technology positively and not negatively.

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Beyond Clicks and Comments: A Broad View of Technology’s Impacts on Our Society

What are the the implications of digital media's influence on our society? What do we need to learn about one of the most crucial, pervasive, and ubiquitous aspects of our society today?

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