Chia-chen Yang, PhD, (Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, Oklahoma State University) discusses which kinds of social media use may be associated with positive or negative outcomes for youth well-being at the #AskTheExperts webinar “Youth Self-Esteem and Identity: The Media(ted) Self” on November 1, 2023.

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[Dr. Chia-chen Yang]: One thing we know is that if young people use social media more for social reasons to maintain existing social networks, it’s usually related to positive well-being and development outcomes. But if they use it simply because it’s a habit, they’re not being very planful, it’s a little goal-less, simply because it’s habitual, or because they use it out of FOMO, or as a way to escape from the reality that they’re unhappy with without really resolving those real-life issues. Then in that case, social media use tends to be related to negative outcomes.

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Ask the Experts—Webinar

Youth Self-Esteem and Identity: The Media(ted) Self

What are the risks and opportunities for forming a positive and healthy sense of self in a hyper-connected age?  

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