Omni Cassidy, PhD (Assistant Professor of Population Health, NYU Grossman School of Medicine), discusses how to use privacy settings to protect child data privacy at #AskTheExperts webinar “Captive Market: Protecting Children in the New World of Online Advertising” on March 1, 2023.

[Dr. Omni Cassidy]: How to protect you and your family – is really right now the best tool and the only tool that we have are these preferences, these privacy preferences and – and right now, we don’t really know how effective they will be or whether – we’re asking the very people who are taking our data to also protect our data in some way. But right now, one of the tools that we do have available is to be able to adjust those privacy settings those cookie settings notifications that come up. And it could just be easy to just “accept all” and keep going and and not pay that much attention to them. But certainly now it may be worth it to stop for a moment and actually look and see what type of data is being collected and then “decline” there. Certainly there’s usually a button where you can decline marketing-related cookies. Usually you cannot decline the necessary data that’s collected for those particular websites or for the functioning of the website. But there are other types of marketing-related data that you can decline in many cases, not all the time, but in many cases you can do that. And then also synchronization between my devices. I like that my laptop, and my phone, talk to each other. But that’s also a way that – that’s also a way that information can be typically shared from device to device. And so if you are interested in a really, really shoring up those protections and really interested in making sure that, you know, there’s not a whole lot of cross-talk between devices, you can, you know, not share your Apple ID with all of your with all of your Apple devices. And then the last one that I’ll just say, is is really being strategic about the apps that you use on your phones, and – and deleting unused apps or only – only downloading apps when you need them and then deleting them right after.

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Captive Market: Protecting Children in the New World of Online Advertising

How does hidden online advertising impact children's attitudes and behaviors? How and why is youth data collected, and what can or should be done to safeguard children online?

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