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    Does screen media exposure cause obesity in children?

    Is increased screen time linked to youth obesity? Does time spent watching TV, playing video games, or scrolling social media impact body weight?

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    The Rise of Dr. Google: How to Help Youth Develop Skills to Find Accurate Health Information Online

    How can families, schools, and communities encourage digital health literacy and help children use a critical lens to find trusted sources for health advice?

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    Online Advertising, Unhealthy Foods, and Black Youth

    From #AskTheExperts webinar "Captive Market: Protecting Children in the New World of Online Advertising"

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    5 to 11: Keeping the Training Wheels on Tech

    How to help children navigate technology and media use during a critical stage in their development - middle childhood (ages 5 to 11).

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    Social Media and Drugs: What Parents Need to Know

    A glimpse into the world of teens and drugs on social media, and practical information to increase awareness and ability to safeguard adolescents and teens

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    Social Media Algorithms, Drug Content, and Children

    From #AskTheExperts webinar "Social Media, Drugs, and Youth: What Parents Need to Know"

  • Ask the Experts—Webinars

    The Rise of “Dr. Google:” Youth and Online Health Information

    As youth increasingly access health information online, what kinds of information are they encountering online and how accurate is it?

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    Positive Parenting Strategies for Minimizing Tech Use

    From #AskTheExperts webinar "Mirror, Mirror, in My Palm: Girls and Media"

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    12 to 18: Coming of Age Online

    Teens are frequently accused of always being on their phones or being addicted to their technology, but what are the real impacts of all of their device use?

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    Ten Tips to Help Foster Healthy Physical Habits in a Digital World