Shelley Craig, PhD, RSW, LCSW (Canada Research Chair in Sexual and Gender Minority Youth, Professor, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto), explains “minority stress” as a causal factor in mental health conditions in LGBTQ+ youth at #AskTheExperts webinar “The Birds and the Bees: Sexuality and Screens” on April 6, 2022.

[Dr. Shelly Craig]: Well, really, we think about minority stress as there’s an LGBT young person who has a sexual or gender minority identity. They experience stigmatization, oppression, and discrimination. And from that comes from the depression, from comes the anxiety. It’s not related to their identity, which we, which we see as something that folks are born with. It is related to the ways that they are treated, both explictly and implictly related to their identities. And that’s where the depression comes from.

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The Birds and the Bees: Sexuality and Screens

Media is playing an increased role in shaping youth sexual education and norms - what are kids seeing online? Experts share research and practical strategies on how to navigate parent-child conversations about media and still-developing sexual interests, identities, and behaviors.

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