• Common Questions

    Is my child addicted to screens?

    How do you know if a child is addicted to digital devices? What should you do if you think there might be a problem?

  • Common Questions

    Is social media harmful to youth mental health?

    Is social media causing increased rates of anxiety, depression, and suicidal among youth? What do we know about the impacts of social media use on teen mental health and well-being?

  • Common Questions

    How does technology affect kids’ social development?

    How do technology-mediated experiences impact social development across childhood? What role do devices and digital media play in social interactions and the development of critical social skills?

  • Common Questions

    Does screen media exposure cause obesity in children?

    Is increased screen time linked to youth obesity? Does time spent watching TV, playing video games, or scrolling social media impact body weight?

  • Ask the Experts—Shorts

    Young Children and Social Media

    From #AskTheExperts webinar "Youth Self-Esteem and Identity: The Media(ted) Self"

  • Parenting Tip Sheets

    12 Tips to Help Children Process Graphic News and Violence Online

  • Ask the Experts—Webinars

    Depression: Youth Mental Health and Digital Media

    What relationship does digital media use have with depressive disorders in youth? Part two of a mental health series.

  • Ask the Experts—Shorts

    Risks and Benefits of Media Use for Depressed Youth

    From #AskTheExperts webinar "Depression: Youth Mental Health and Digital Media"