Ying Xu, PhD (Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences and Technology, University of Michigan), details the possible impacts to foundational learning skills from ChatGPT and AI for different ages of youth in #AskTheExperts webinar “AI and Children: Risks and Opportunities of the Enhanced Internet” on December 6, 2023.

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[Dr. Ying Xu] So the big question is when do children turn to AI like ChatGPT for assistance with homework and assignments, whether they- are they engaging in the learning process or are they sidestepping it? The general sentiment is that the impacts depend on the timing of the learning objectives. For younger learners, particularly those in elementary and middle school, the priority is to develop foundational skills and relying on AI too early for tasks meant to develop these foundational skills could potentially hinder their development. However, as students progress, especially when the students are preparing for the workforce, the integration of AI tools may be beneficial. So that brings us to the crucial question regarding the role of AI in children’s learning. For AI to be a valuable tool, it shouldn’t just provide easy answers, but rather, it should guide children in their journey of sense-making, inquiry, and discovery.

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Ask the Experts—Webinar

AI and Children: Risks and Opportunities of the Enhanced Internet

Generative AI technologies like ChatGPT are changing the nature of online communications, work, creativity, and learning. What are the impacts to children’s social and cognitive development in this new, turbocharged Internet?

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