Seth Bergeson, MBA, MPA (Fellow, World Economic Forum, Manager, PwC AI & Emerging Technologies), discusses recommended parenting approaches in the face of the reality of an “AI-augmented childhood” at #AskTheExperts webinar “Here, There, and Everywhere: Emerging Technologies and the Future of Children” on May 4, 2022.

[Seth Bergeson, MBA] What can you do as parents and guardians? Really, I think the vision for the future that I like is an AI-augmented childhood, we should not replace analog toys. AI is appropriate for some children, but not for all children, depending upon your family. We certainly don’t want AI to replace teachers in the classroom. So really it’s about AI-augmented childhood and other aspects of your family’s life. So as parents you can educate yourself and you can learn about products and consider them pretty critically before buying one and trying to demystify this black box. You can use the six categories included in our guidelines and guardians. And lastly, you can teach your children why their privacy matters, why their data matters, and how they can use AI responsibly. And also really importantly teach children that AI has limits, and it can be wrong. And it’s often, AI at the end of the day is just a computer program. It’s neither right nor wrong. It is just based upon the data that you feed into. So these are very important lessons.

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Here, There, and Everywhere: Emerging Technologies and the Future of Children

How will emerging technologies impact children? How are algorithms already influencing youth attitudes, behavior – and their future?

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